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Please describe, in your own words or visual sketches, how this CD would look and sound when you run the CD  in the computer.  Remember that simple is best.  Less is more.  Hook the user and get them to connect to your web site.  Don't bore them with information. (Use your web site for the latest information)  Keep your CD fresh and on the edge.  Tease them to connect via a phone number or your web site.  Remember that we can digitize your  60 second T.V. commercial (video) and that has the sound and motion pictures that works great on these CD projects.

CD description Example: " I would use a black background and have 4 photos.  The first photo would come in from the left side of the screen and the first script would play.   Then the second photo would come in from the top of the screen and play the second script.  The third photo would appear from a vanishing point in the center of the screen and play the third script and finally the last photo would spin in the center and end with the last script."

 I have supplied all of the photos and scripts or take the content for the multimedia from my web site graphics.

Your description and sketches here:









Use this portion later!  FINAL Artwork APPROVAL BELOW:  

I have seen and am approving the master CD or emailed version of the multimedia software for the "Multimedia Software" of my CD project.

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